Guess what? We are working with an sculptor friend of us doing this:

It’s a mold’s base for figures of Doodling Around! This one’s Angélica’s “rough sketch”. It was the first try made in polymer clay. He will do another model with a high quality version of the material. The size is like that cause we are thinking in doing pendants for bags and stuff, maybe key holders. Hi’s name’s Aníbal Alvarado. He made a Deviant account that he never uses =P —> Here. We will see how we can convince him to upload some photos, so stay tunned 😎

Here are other views of the figure. Sorry about the quality of the photos, bad illumination and standard camera.

We know it has no color, no polish but liked it so far ;). If you wanna know how could can look the final work, then take a peek at his work:

Finished work:

Work in progress:

And he can work with this level of detail, even with small things:

Looks nice, uh? We’ll be bringing these items to our stand at the Shinanime convention in december :D. I hope we can distribute them outside this “hard to do any stuff” country.

What do you think? 🙂