Well, now for the text balloons. I use Photoshop again for this.
We start select the ellipse tool with the U hotkey

Dragging this tool you can make an ellipse that will be your text balloon body

With the pen tool you can make the arrow part. Dragging the pen you can see the guides of the bézier curve. You can use those guides with the Direct Selection Tool for giving the shape you want.

With the pen and the alt key pressed, you can break the curves for doing the spiky parts. You don’t need to close the figure, when you fill it you will se it close automatically.

Now, use a new layer. Option “Create Vector Mask” with right click on the canvas

In that same layer, using the tools in the layers panel, select “Solid Color”

White color for the solid fill.

Menu Layer/Layer Style/Stroke

Select a size of 3 pixels and black for the color

That’s all, you have now a nice text ballon that you can arrange as you wish.