Year is starting and everyone of us have our own plans. Some people had a nice beginning of year some others, sadly not. For us things started well. The readers flux in the webcomic page go up since end of december and starting of january and we’re glad the comic is been so appreciated! This was an unexpected turn of things compared to the movement of past months. I must say it couldn’t be without the support of people like Drunken Novice, creator of Two guys and Guy, who gladly did a banner exchange in inkOUTBREAK  box (not without first explained to us how it works XD) with Doodling’s page.

He not being the only one, of course. Among other things, we had a burst of visits the past two days that put Doodling in Hot Comics first page in inkOUTBREAK for second time without having sponsoring or anything. Still haven’t any idea of who was the author of such a feat but we are very thankful with him/her!

Well, is not a secret bro and me, are rookies in this webcomic world. We have received some feedback and we’re grateful about that. Based on those we were thinking on keep improving, new ideas and some changes that can be nice for the site. One of those in consideration is the possibility of updating more often. Let’s see if its possible. We expect to bring more funny situations, more history arcs and better stuff, there are so many ideas but oh, boy, where to begin? XD

Anyway, I suppose it’s a nice year start for Doodling and all is thanks to our readers! THANK YOU!