Is well said that the old times were better , sometimes I think that’s an absolutist sentence, there are somethings we miss so much but we must to  accept that today we have many advantages that we can live without. I think that the sentence refers to those classic things, those for which technological advance are not excuse to forget them. This time in specific I allude to something that I noticed playing the latest portable applications, those of the idevices of Mac.

Those minigames are really fun, is true that there are some silly ones that were made just to catch a casual gamer, which is a fact too extreme to my taste but, at the end, exists some others that deserves the fame they have.

Angry Birds and Cut the rope.


Was then when I found myself wondering things like ¿what could be doing a group of pigs staying in feeble structures watching how birds with a giant slingshot throws themselves in a pure kamikaze style in order to crush the pig’s buildings in a revenge attempt?. All of us know that pigs lives in feeble buildings, right? XD

Or, what the heck is the little candy eater toad from Cut the rope and what the heck has in the head the scientific dude who takes care of him to turn his alimentation into a Pitagora switch every time?

Then I realized that wasn’t the first time I wondered those questions. In fact, those questions comes from the games magic at all. ¿What happened with that magic?, has been along time since I don’t wonder things like that.

I admire the advances and features that new games can have, they’re great but Isn’t the technology gradually making disappear that crazy factor that gives game developers a wide variety of possibilities?

Not going any furter, just watch this image:

Lets see, is a mouthed yellow sphere who moves across a labyrinth where he must to eat all the small pellets in it, while evading being dispatched by multicolor ghosts, don’t forget the power pellets that gives him the possibility to eat the ghost blanket whom must go for a new one at their house… If this sounds very logic for you, you live in a very weird country and if not, I guess you got my point.

Actual games are too awesome, I hadn’t played many of them cause I don’t have the consoles, though , the emulators helps a lot 😀

Now, you can control Siths, half demons with automatics, alien killer armored soldiers and sure that’s great but… ¿why the determination of making only realist games if the magic of the classic videogame is to create a world out of the nonsenseness?

Let’s see this, why Mario Brothers shrinks when hited by an enemy?

Somebody knows what kind of sickness transmits Koopa’s minions?… I don’t think so but, who cares? that’s Mario Brothers reality and sure it has an explanation. The only thing we know is that is a great and funny gag. Now, Mario Brothers stopped shrinking when somebody hits them in many of their games and maybe they has a health bar, would be illogic otherwise :/, more technology, more realism…


The ninja master, Ryu Hayabusa, suffered a drastic and logic change nowadays. The graphics today makes possible better designs and effects, Is great to see Ryu closer but I don’t know is was necessary to change him from a blue ninja who quickly defeated casual opponents and doesn’t show to much worry about stealth to a dark combo based badass ripper ninja



I like the game, it’s good but Ninja Gaiden was more based in how fast you move defeating enemies wisely while interacting a lot with the intricate stages were you climb and jump, dodging enemies who tries to push you off the cliff or in the quicksands showing your joypad hability.


Now all games looks like an astonishing movie and I can’t complain about, I like many of those stories although not all but, were’s the classic games magic? Can you imagine a reboot of pacman game nowadays? That reminds me of a parody that I saw in youtube 😀

The games classic idea was left just for those systems that aren’t able to run a game with the latest technology, I mean, is treated as a plan B . I don’t think technology means take out the “nonsenseness” of the games which, losing this, have less possibilities making them too look alike, the same thing, different character.

I want to see again the things that makes a cliché idea like a platform game to have differences although it is the  typic side scrolling adventure, more upside view games, puzzles disguised as adventures and rpgs that could be geat cause its story and surprises.

The realism that technology brings us, is undoubtedly fantastic and for sure it’ll keep surprising us  but I think we need to keep in mind that we’re not watching a movie… but playing a game, at least until virtual reality comes… naa, not even then 😀 The technology and the magic should never be rivals, their teamwork is what had made possible all the fantastic games of these decades.