Searching on the web for references about the Doodling Around party cosplays, we found many kinds of them. Here you have the top 5 list of each one in our opinion. This time, Arale:

5- Hooray for the poop play XD, they get her in character… it’s a pity that those anons in the BG ruined the whole pic.

4- A sexy version of Arale *¬* Okay… maybe we give her extra points for the sexyness XD

3- But the trait that makes Arale so unforgettable is her cuteness ^_^

2- For this Cosplay, being a child is a big reason to be in the first places ^_^

1- But, as many people in the web says about this lil child: If Aralé was real, she was like her AWWWW!