Ok, comic freak random talk today!!

Does anyone remember those two? If you’re a Disney fan or at least a cartoon watcher in the 90’s era, of course you do. Peg, Pete’s wife and her daughter Pistol from Goof Troop. Also, if you’re a die-hard fan of rule 64 you may know very well Peg as a milf  icon (You know what a milf is, don’t cha?).

And with that said, that’s, in great part, the info we can find about at least Peg on the internet: Milf related stuff. Not the same with Pistol that is almost… nothing.

So, what’s the point of this post? Well, I remember have seen both Goof Troop movies that, as I see, take place in a time posterior to the series adventures and, as many of us can remember, there is no signal of Peg or Pistol in them, with no explanation at all.  So, what happened with them? Not even in the “powerful” Wikipedia says anything.

Several people, asumes Peg divorced Pete for some reason and took Pistol with her. Ok, that can be, but two questions pop out of that conclusion: 1. Why it must be only a supposition? and 2. What’s the reason Disney crew vanished those two characters? There is a dark and obscure background for doing it?

One of the conclusions we can make about it,  is that Peg was sorta a ‘sexual’ character for the show (it will not be the first time I heard that). Not for nothing they turned her into that Milf she is today on internet. Also there is the point of people can associate her relationship with Goofy with cheating on her husband (bad example for the kids, blah, blah) or some stuff like that (In an episode she goes so far as kissing Goffy in the mouth. Yup I was surprised too) and then the censorship people made their move. But that leaves us with another thing in hands. What the heck happened with Pistol? They took her out cause she… was… what?

Ok, with argument holes and questions without answers, all of that can be valid. Censorship can be very stupid in U.S. but, why vanishing them that way? They could ‘fix’ their behavior, maybe look or whatever stuff they wanted to. I really hate that “retroactive fixes” or retcon, as many of us know it. When a story erases a character with no explanation like Venus de Milo (the female turtle) in the Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles comic continuity just because, that makes you think the autors don’t know what the hell are they doing and, for me, lows the quality of the series.

This is a question I have made to me since a long time ago with no answer and I wanted to share it here randomly to see if luckily anyone have the answer. You have something to add?

I really would see an older version of them both as we did with Max and P.J.
Well, I think I could make myself some drawings but lazy today so, thanks to the authors and all credits to them.