Art is surely super 🙂 Why I started with that? All right, cause I’m remembering now that one of the things we meet at the con, was a group of programmers and developers that were participating in a “reto”; that’s challenge in spanish and it’s like a contest they do there. This one was about make a game in a short time. The people already had the concept programmed but the hero and the other creatures were squares of different sizes 8-). One of the members of the crew who happen to know us, told us about the situation. So we joined forces and begin to work together! It was very nice and fun to work in the develop of a game “scrap”. Multitalented teams, rocks. I think if people knew how to do that more often things will be better and easy everywhere… I’m sounding like a Christmas tale XD, but that’s what I think.

Here is a fragment of video of the early look of the game. I’m not telling you what’s the game about now 😛

I don’t know why I don’t have one vid of any advance… but I think this sample looks very nice. The sprites of the hero were made by bro and I 🙂

Talking about other stuff, things are normalized this week. The week at Bogotá was nice but so will be continuing here, of course. If you noticed, one of the changes in the page are the new icons.

You like? If you do, let us know here and we will give one icon of some chara or even yourself in Doodling Around’s style. What do you think? 😎